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I have been writing e-book resources for childminders since 2007 – it all started with a ‘Multicultural Activities’ e-book 1 and has grown from there. I now write for a lot of early years organisations such as and different publications including ChildCare magazine (part of Practical Pre-school). I also write and deliver early years training across the north west of England.


I am totally committed to supporting childminders who want to stay independent of agencies and have written a resource website – Independent Childminders – to offer help and advice. It includes a blog, monthly newsletter to help colleagues stay updated and free information for everyone.


My e-books cover all aspects of provision including policies and procedures, self-evaluation and action planning, tracking children’s progress, the characteristics of effective learning and much, much more. 


I have recently collaborated with a Scottish childminder to include some e-books about the SAF and SHANARRI for our Scottish colleagues. All my e-books are easy-to-read and follow, presenting information in a way that allows you to dip in and out of them - they are all sensibly priced and, of course, tax deductible.


Why buy e-books from Knutsford Childminding?

We all recognise the importance of continued professional development (CPD) and we know that Local Authorities no longer have the budget to provide training and support as they did previously in most areas.


My e-books allow you to do your own CPD at home. They are a one-off purchase – you don’t need to ‘sign up’ or connect to an expensive ongoing system – you simply buy the e-book you are interested in reading, linked to the area of provision you want to work on next and as soon as it arrives in your inbox you can start using it to enhance the ways you work.


You can buy any of my e-books or illustrated e-books from my Knutsford Childminding website


If you want any further support you can find me (and thousands of other helpful colleagues) on the Childminding Forum (sarah707) or the Independent Childminders Facebook group (Sarah Neville) or you can use the ' contact me' page  on this website. 


Thank you! 


If you want any support you can find me on the Childminding Forum (sarah707) or the Independent Childminders Facebook group (Sarah Neville) or you can email me.